National Benefit Authority and Volleyball Canada

Real People. Real Results.

Sometimes, all you need is a goal fuelled by passion, and the National Benefit Authority has both.

The National Benefit Authority was founded by Torontonian Akiva Medjuck with just one objective in mind: to help disabled Canadians receive a Disability Tax Credit from the government.

The NBA works alongside the Canada Revenue Agency to manage all of the medical and monetary aspects of the Disability Tax Credit for their clients. In the past seven years, they've helped over 35,000 disabled Canadians obtain Disability Tax Credit.

That's 35,000 men and women with lives and stories, with families and responsibilities. That's 35,000 people with hopes and dreams. That's 35,000 real people. And that's why the NBA cares. Because real people deserve real results.

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People who have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading due to a variety of conditions such as:

  • Stroke/paralysis
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • Mild visual impairment
  • Limited proficiency in English
  • Literacy deficiencies
  • Dyslexia
  • Other learning or reading issues


Simple to use, the Level Access assistive technology app is activated in moments.

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Akiva Medjuck CEO with TPL

Community Connections

A community is a powerful thing. It's a miniature world, with its own environments and values.

The National Benefit Authority appreciates the wonderful people and communities surrounding it and have created strong ties to those around them.

They have recently paired up with Volleyball Canada, to support para-athletes in need. Canadian military families with disabled children became a part of the NBA family when the NBA donated 150,000 dollars as a multi-year gift.

Organizations such as Chai Lifeline for sick children, Canadian Cancer Society, Regesh Family and Children Services, and more have all received assistance from the National Benefit Authority.

Because communities and connections matter.

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First Hand Accounts

With the extensive efforts of its specialists, the National Benefit Authority has helped myriads of Canadians over the last few years. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the testimonials have flooded in.

Terri Hawley thanks the NBA for assisting with her son's PTSD. Dana Eklund wanted to give up until the National Benefit Authority stepped in. Elizabeth thanks the NBA for helping her receive disability tax credit for her polio. Cora's son was diagnosed with ADHD and the National Benefit Authority helped her collect disability that very year.

These are real people, who were given real help.

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National Benefit Authority Team

Joining the NBA Family

Don't stop at "it sounds too good to be true".

Call 1-888-389-0080 or 416-789-0080, or fill out an online application to request a free consultation with our specialists. There's no reason to hesitate, we do the work for you.

We put in extensive effort on your behalf to ensure that you receive the largest possible refund for your unique situation and that all possible opportunities that increase your Disability Tax Credit refund are explored.

So come join the National Benefit Authority. Because sometimes, dreams do come true.

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A Coalition of Organizations Empowering People with Disabilities