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The Organon Story

At Organon, we believe in a better and healthier every day for every woman. And we understand that women are foundational to a healthier world. As a new company, we will begin by listening to women’s healthcare needs, big and small, enabling us to develop treatments tailored to them -- because we know there is so much more we can do for women and their health.

Our mission is to deliver impactful medicines and solutions for a healthier every day. We build upon our strong foundation of more than 60 established medicines and solutions across a range of areas including reproductive health, heart disease, breast cancer, allergies and asthma. And we bring these important therapies around the world, with an international footprint that serves people in more than 140 markets. The diversity of our business provides a sustainable engine of growth so we can continue to invest in and advance new medicines and solutions for women that are so urgently needed.

We believe the journey to improve women’s health is critical to achieving a healthier world. Our people – a global community thousands strong – are united in our drive to better support the health of women within our company and around the globe. Together, we work to deliver solutions for the healthcare issues that matter most to her, today and every day.

Women, Accessibility, and Healthcare — a Global Perspective

The average prevalence rate of disability in the female population 18 years and older is 19.2 percent, compared to 12 percent for males, representing about 1 in 5 women. Girls and women of all ages with any form of disability are generally among the more vulnerable and marginalized, facing significantly more difficulties in attaining adequate housing, health, education, vocational training, and employment. Organon’s work to ensure women’s well-being includes empowering women with disabilities through access to healthcare and better living conditions.

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Digital Inclusion / Digital Accessibility

Online access is integral to our daily lives. But for many people with disabilities, the barriers presented to accessing and engaging with websites, digital tools, and mobile experiences range from frustrating to life-threatening. For people with disabilities, digital accessibility ensures access to healthcare, employment, social services, legal support, education, and friends and family.

We've partnered with
Level Access

Collaborating with their team of accessibility designers, developers, testers, and legal experts, and incorporating their cutting-edge technology to ensure our digital properties are fully accessible. Take a moment to check out Level Access’s Assistive Technology app, easily downloadable from the link above!

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