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The Level Access Difference

We think you deserve the best digital accessibility partner in the business… even if it’s not us. (Hint: It’s totally us.)

A SaaS you’ll like using

We know you’re busy. That’s why we designed AMP to be beautiful, streamlined, and optimized for real-world use. You’ll actually enjoy using it… as much as anyone enjoys using a software platform. AMP serves as the home for a range of other Level Access products, including an analytics monitor, an overlay remediation tool, integrations for automated testing in development, e-learning courses, and an on-demand consulting service. As an organizational command center that solves the complexity and challenges of enterprise-wide management, AMP has everything digital accessibility in one convenient place.

amp screenshot
Screenshot of an instance details view in Access Assistant which has an Alchemy Fix tab for a violation instance of the Provide alternative text for images best practice.

Integrated Deployment

AMP is there for you throughout the software development lifecycle. Simply deploy our secure SaaS infrastructure and you’re immediately ready to test all of your digital assets and prioritize your remediation plan.

We play nice with everyone

AMP can plug in to just about every tool you already know and love. Want your results in JIRA tickets? We can do that. Can’t live without your favorite QA tools? We can’t either! AMP is ready to slide into your regularly scheduled workflow like it’s been there since day one.

logos of tool that work with AMP software
AMP software reporting

Delicious Data, Served up hot

All the data AMP collects can be displayed in reports to suit any member of your organization.

A high-level compliance overview for the C-suite? Yes, ma’am!
An in-the-weeds look at your code? Let’s get down and dirty.
The data your project managers need to…. manage projects? Yup, we’ve got that.
We want your accessibility program to be driven by the data, so we give you as much data in as many different ways as possible so you can make informed decisions and invest wisely.

Many of our Accessibility Services team are people with disabilities.

Levelers are the most passionate people in the digital accessibility industry. We love what we do and are genuinely excited that we get to earn a living while giving the gift of accessible technology to people with disabilities around the world.

Nearly half of our Accessibility Services team are people with disabilities. They know better than anyone how to create accessible solutions from the most hairy of technological problems.

Our rock stars serve on the advisory committees that write digital accessibility laws and standards. They speak internationally. They volunteer with advocacy groups and non-profits. But most of all, they’re just awesome people to work with and we know you’ll love them.

person viewing computer with AMP on screen

Get in touch

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