Ensure Accessible HR Policies

Five Ways to Increase Inclusion in Your Organization

In this video series, accessibility guru Derek Featherstone shows you five small actions you can take that add up to a big impact when it comes to inclusion.


Include more people with disabilities in the design process

You already have a system for designing your product. You don’t want to have to throw it all out. But you do want to increase inclusion. What do you do? Derek has the answer in this video.


Engage people with disabilities earlier in the design process

You’re including people with disabilities in your usability studies – awesome! Let’s explore the ways you can get their expertise earlier, so your final product can be even stronger.


Include people with disabilities throughout the design process

It’s good to include more people with disabilities. It’s good to include them earlier in the process. But that won’t guarantee success. Here’s why.


Look for ways to diversify diversity

Good organizations are using people with disabilities to test their products. But they can go a step further to be great.


Identify and acknowledge exclusion

This is the toughest tip to implement… but it is so worth doing!

The customer experience is everything when it comes to connecting and building relationships with your market.

What is digital accessibility? How does it affect your brand? What mistakes are marketers making? How can marketers work to ensure digital experiences that are engaging and accessible for everyone? For many in marketing, e-commerce, and other related digital or CX roles, it can be hard to find answers.

Fortunately, Level Access knows how to support you and help you take action in a way that strengthens overall efforts without disrupting operations.


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