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Accessibility Compliance Health Checkup for Healthcare Organizations

Written by: Marketing

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Original Presentation Date: January 30, 2018

With open enrollment in your recent past, it’s time to start thinking about a different kind of healthcare: your accessibility compliance health! In this FREE webinar, Accessibility Compliance Health Checkup for Healthcare Organizations, we review various topics you’ll want to be thinking about and advice you’ll want to implement in 2018 to ensure that your organization is in tip top shape and less likely to come down with a bad case of the lawsuits. (Achoo!)

Level Access’s healthcare accessibility expert, Tammy Cosseboom, covers these topics and more:

  • The risks of avoiding your accessibility “wellness” exam
  • The laws & standards that apply to the healthcare industry
  • Why accessibility requirements won’t change even if/when the ACA is repealed
  • What it means to be WCAG 2.0 compliant (in non-techy speak)
  • The road to accessibility: from choosing a vendor to integrating accessibility into your software development lifecycle