Accessibility & Inclusive Design Q&A with Derek Featherstone

Written by: Shannon George

Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM PT

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Whether you’re new to accessibility or an experienced designer, developer, or product manager—join us to get your questions answered by one of the world’s foremost authorities on accessibility and inclusive design, Derek Featherstone.

Message from Derek:

One of my favorite parts of all the webinars I do is the Q&A. Always. I love the interaction, and being able to share and respond directly to people about their questions. One of the struggles is that no matter what the topic of the session is, we’ll get questions that sit outside that particular topic (and often many more than we can get to in the allotted time for Q&A). Why? People have questions and they want answers… so it’s time to set something up that will help with that.

I’ll be leading this 60 minute session, kicking it off with a very brief introduction topic — 10-15 minutes at most — and then the floor will be open for a full 45 minutes of Q&A.

Anything goes! Ask away! This is a chance to ask questions about anything related to accessibility and inclusive design without concern for being off-topic.


About the Presenter

Derek Featherstone
Chief Experience Officer

Derek Featherstone

Derek brings 20+ years of usability analysis and accessibility consulting and training experience to his work with teams around the world, helping to make digital products more accessible and easier to use, while consistently improving practices, processes, and cultures to be more inclusive.

An internationally known speaker and authority on accessibility and inclusive design, Derek is focused on ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are seen as an integral part of user experience and service design, rather than as a simple checklist afterthought. He works directly with high-profile clients to ensure they are crafting and facilitating great user experiences for everyone, including people with disabilities.

As a former high school teacher, Derek brings his passion for education to the web industry, delivering technical training that is engaging, informative and immediately applicable. In addition, he is an internationally recognized speaker on the topics of accessibility and user experience, presenting at conferences and industry events throughout the U.S. and abroad.