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While Internet explorer and Firefox work well with leading screen readers on Windows, and Safari works well with VoiceOver on the Mac, the question arises as to the current state of other browsers such as safari and opera on windows and Opera and Firefox on the Mac.



  • Safari does not work with JAWS or NVDA there is no virtual cursor. It is possible to hear links and form controls when tabbing through the page.
  • Window-Eyes seems to work with browse mode on (virtual cursor). However Some quick navigation commands do not work. For example, “h” does not move to the next heading.
    Window-Eyes does not announce text in lists or tables.
    It is necessary to use CTRL+SHIFT+A to turn browse mode off to enter an address. It is not possible to read character by character when in the address bar and browse mode is off.

Opera version 11.1

Opera does not work with JAWS, Window-Eyes or NVDA no screen reader would read any page content.


Neither Opera or Firefox are accessible on the Mac with VoiceOver.

Firefox and FireVox

Firefox 3 is accessible with FireVox on the mac. However Fire Vox does not work with Firefox 4.


Firefox is accessible in GNOME.