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In my last post in the Accessibility Policy Series, I discussed  the accessibility plans that must be created during the Accessibility Operationalization phase.  In this post I’ll discuss the types of Accessibility Plans and Guides that must be built during the third phase of accessibility policy/plan establishment, the Accessibility Policy Standards Phase.  These plans rely on data established during the Policy phase, and also rely on the Communications and Training plans outlined in the Operationalization phase.  The Standards plans include:

  • Accessibility Checklist
  • Accessibility Implementation Guides

Accessibility Checklist

The Accessibility Checklist is an internal document which describes:

  • A complete inventory of unique ICT in use by a company (ex: Excel, .PDF file, Java) within an organization.
  • A complete list of items that need to be checked to make the particular piece of ICT accessible. This would differ from organization to organization depending on what standards apply to the organization

The Accessibility Checklist can then be used by ICT content developers, auditors, QA and developers to verify their content is accessible before promoting it.

Accessibility Implementation Guides

The Accessibility Implementation Guide provides a deeper look at the most crucial pieces of a successful accessibility implementation and contains the following information:

  • A description of “best practices” that are required to be implemented as part of the internal standards to meet organizational accessibility guidelines, above and beyond the items in the Accessibility Checklist described above (note: Best Practices are fully described in SSB’s Accessibility Management Platform, so organizations using AMP may choose to skip this content)
  • A summary list of stakeholders, a high-level description of their role, and level of responsibility, involved in implementing the accessibility project
  • A list of “getting started” step that are necessary to kick off the accessibility project effort. This will need to be integrated with other previously written documents, such as the Communications Plan, and the Training Plan

An Accessibility Implementation Plan’s contents can vary widely, primarily depending on the project management support services within an organization.

Coming Up

In my next post in this series I’ll be discussing the types of Accessibility Plans that must be built during the last phase of accessibility policy/plan establishment, the Accessibility Implementation Phase.  These Plans rely on data established during the previous phases qne include the Project Management Plan and Workflow Change Report.