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Fact: In 2013, there were only 15 web accessibility lawsuits.
Today, there is a lawsuit more than once per business hour.

5 ADA Digital Accessibility Resources - Clearing Common Hurdles, What to Look For in a Vendor, ADA Compliance for Digital Accessibility, Why Digital Accessibility Why Now, and An Anatomy of the ADA Demand Letter

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Over the past few years, a new risk and compliance concern has emerged: digital accessibility.

Digital accessibility is broadly defined as the usability of a digital system by people with disabilities. At its simplest level, it’s ensuring that people with disabilities receive the same benefit from digital systems as people without disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires organizations ensure “full and equal enjoyment” for people with disabilities. Since the ADA’s passage, plaintiffs’ attorneys have brought lawsuits under the ADA, asserting that defendant businesses were not in compliance with the ADA’s requirements.

In practice, most organizations think of digital accessibility as “ADA for the Internet.” In the last few years, the plaintiff’s bar has expanded their ADA-related filings to include “digital systems,” resulting in an explosion of digital accessibility-related ADA filings.

Ensuring digital systems are accessible requires specific programming to make certain that systems will work with the technology and techniques commonly used by people with disabilities.

The interesting (if not terrifying) thing about the number of filings is that they’re directed not only towards companies who sell directly to customers (B2C) lawsuits who are facing litigation; companies who sell to other companies (B2B) are under litigation as well.

A Set of Resources To Help Protect Your Clients From Litigation.

It’s been said that the best defense is a good offense.

And that’s why we wanted to share our ADA and Digital Accessibility Complaints Resource Hub with you.

We’ve put together a library of content which will not only get you up to speed on the current climate around accessibility lawsuits, but also give you – and your clients – a game plan for avoiding one:

  • The Anatomy Of An ADA Demand Letter (newly published!)
  • Digital Accessibility and ADA Compliance
  • Yes, You Can You Be Sued Again, After A Previous ADA Settlement
  • Getting Internal Buy-In For ADA Compliance
  • What To Look For In A Digital Accessibility Partner

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