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This post is an update to Android 4.2 OS Released with New Accessibility Features from November 26, 2012.


The current version of TalkBack is 3.31.

There is now a gesture to temporarily suspend TalkBack in the global context menu (swipe down then right).  After TalkBack is paused it launches automatically after the screen is locked.

Items have been added to the local context menu (swipe up then right) to move to the beginning and end of an edit field. There are also items for navigating by HTML elements.  These specifically are for lists and controls and work in Chrome and other webviews.


BrailleBack now supports grade 2 braille for output.

Nexus 7 Note

On a new nexus 7 it was noted that the latest TalkBack was not installed by default.  It is necessary to go to the play store and install the latest version of TalkBack from there.


FireFox 20 has implemented gestures that only work in FireFox which are for moving by specific HTML element. For example, headings and links.  Use a 3 finger swipe up or down to select the element to move by and then use a 3 finger swipe left or right to move to the next or previous instance of that element.