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The AMP Spring 2009 release combines a new complementary toolbar and updates to the InFocus automated testing component for a complete accessibility auditing solution.

San Francisco, CA – July 22, 2009 – SSB BART Group (SSB), known for its products, training, and consultative services to the accessibility market announced today an updated release of its Accessibility Management Platform (AMP). AMP is the first on-demand solution that integrates the business and technical aspects of compliance with Section 508, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and other international standards, such as the Japanese Industry Standards (JIS) and Korean Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (KWCAG). The enhancements to AMP offer developers and testers significantly increased functionality and a streamlined interface for easier workflow.

With AMP, developers and testers are able to bring their accessibility programs in-house, easily integrating a scalable, unified methodology into existing systems. This turnkey system offers the ability to assess the current state of systems’ accessibility compliance, facilitates the training of staff on the latest requirements, and tracks compliance over time. Current enterprise level clients using AMP include: Wells Fargo Bank, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Social Security Administration.

The latest release of AMP includes the InFocus Toolbar – a browser based plug-in that enables users to test and review the accessibility of content directly in Internet Explorer. The InFocus toolbar includes the ability to capture rendered page content as it exists in the browser allowing for the easy creation of custom test sets that form the basis of formal audits. This feature, in addition to other improvements to the current feature set of the AMP Report Wizard, significantly reduces the time to create and capture a test set for systems that require formal auditing.

“We are excited to release the InFocus Toolbar to the public,” said Timothy Springer, SSB’s CEO. “With this enhancement, developers and testers have a simple way to access the power of AMP to perform formal accessibility audits without having to spend a large amount of time capturing the audit sample data. Users can continue to provide highly detailed results and compliance metrics while minimizing the amount of effort to capture pages that need to be audited. This translates into a clear time and cost savings for our clients with no negative impact on the accuracy or quality of audit results.”

InFocus is an integrated solution that allows for the implementation and monitoring of accessibility initiatives for web sites and web applications that include testing and analysis tools, a rules builder, a checking engine, and content spidering. As part of the Spring 2009 release, the entire InFocus interface has been expanded to allow full access to the audit methodology in AMP. These improvements are oriented towards providing rapid, powerful validation results to users across large web properties.

For additional information on AMP, go to AMP.