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CATEGORY : Laws and Standards

Appropriations Bill Would Instruct DOJ to Clarify Web Accessibility Requirements

05/25/18 by C.P. Hoffman

New legislation pending before the House of Representatives could put web accessibility regulations back on…

Attorneys Provide Perspective On New Peoples Bank Case

05/21/18 by Rishi Agrawal

In April, a federal judge dismissed a digital accessibility lawsuit against New Peoples Bank (NPB). The case, Carroll…

Digital Accessibility for EDU: Legal Update

05/02/18 by Rishi Agrawal

In addressing issues related to digital accessibility, educational institutions need to consider the current state…

A B2B Buyer’s Crash Course in Digital Accessibility

05/01/18 by E Foley

Congrats! You have a job spending oodles of someone else’s money. But you’ve been told…