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Congratulations to SSB’s Senior Accessibility Engineer Bryan Garaventa for winning the Above and Beyond Accessibility Award in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Disability Employment App Challenge for his AccDC (Accelerated Dynamic Content) Accessibility Development Platform.

About AccDC

The AccDC API is a free development resource for international businesses, organizations, and academic institutions wishing to study and incorporate Accessible Innovation within future web technologies. Accessible Innovation refers to the creation of new technologies that include Accessibility as a core platform feature of development.

AccDC is a scalable, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible Dynamic Content Management System that automates the rendering of dynamic content to ensure accessibility for screen reader and keyboard only users. AccDC functions as a rendering engine, which acts as a conduit for the accessible processing of dynamic content. Developers can now build fully functional, scalable, feature rich, accessible user interface components that are encapsulated as AccDC Objects, which can then be freely distributed to empower the creation of fully accessible controls, widgets, features, and applications within all future web technologies.

AccDC can be used within mobile browsers such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for cross platform compatibility, and can also be used within the web browser components of desktop applications for enterprise distribution.

“Basically AccDC automates the processes for the accessible rendering of dynamic content. This means that AccDC powered controls can be used within any web technology, and are fully scalable to fit the design and layout requirements of any application while ensuring WCAG and 508 compliance at the same time; making it possible for development teams that are unfamiliar with the workings and behaviors of assistive technologies, to build fully accessible applications regardless.

This is just what AccDC can do for present day developers, but not the most important part. AccDC can also be used by academic institutions wishing to instill the concept of Accessible Programming into future engineers, by teaching programmatic accessibility as a programming discipline, which is equally as important as proper coding techniques.

If you imagine all web technologies together as one tree for example, the roots are the engineers, the trunk is the business pipelines and infrastructure, the branches are web technologies, and the leaves are web technology features. Accessibility has been historically addressed at the leaf level, which isn’t scalable and won’t ever be able to keep up with the pace of future innovation. So this is where AccDC comes in, by making it possible to address Accessibility at the root level.” –Bryan Garaventa

“As the web becomes more and more dynamic, developers can too easily over-rely on scripting libraries and toolkits that do not produce accessible web content & controls and that may also be hard to retrofit for full accessibility. Bryan’s AccDC represents a rigorously-tested free solution that produces fully accessible and customizable dynamic content and widgets. He has been working on AccDC largely on his own, though he had the benefit of testing hundreds of diverse web sites and applications for SSB BART Group clients over the past 8 years, and providing technical solutions and consulting advice to most of them.” –Mike Schutte, Senior Director of Client Services

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Congratulations Bryan!