The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report
Industry Report: The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility

This 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report compiles the results of this year’s survey of over 1100 professionals across industries and job roles who shared.

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JAWS for Windows Scripts Available to Make Microsoft Teams More Effective for Screen Reader Users

In our increasingly remote work environment, communication and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams (Teams) and Slack have become essential everyday tools to stay connected.

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person who is blind with walking cane, a large smart phone, and graphics of different applications.
The Impact of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities

Level Access CEO Tim Springer discusses how COVID-19 and the resulting reliance on web and mobile services has added new challenges for many, and simple steps every org can take to support people of all ages and abilities.

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Student at a desk using a computer to access online education
Why We Say Accessibility is Now More Important than Ever

I had someone ask me recently why we say accessibility is more important than ever. Hasn’t accessibility (removing barriers to digital access by people with.

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person using social apps on a mobile phone
2020 State of Content Accessibility

Level Access and 3Play Media share the results from two nationwide studies on the current online accessibility landscape with a focus on content. This webinar is perfect for content and video creators, marketers, and educators.

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Computer monitor, tablet, and smart phone
Featherstone & Friends: Designing & Developing Responsive Pages

Derek and special guest Ethan Marcotte explore the benefits of responsive web design for people with disabilities and some of the biggest areas in RWD where accessibility can slip through the cracks.

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A man sitting at a desk between two laptops. Bubbles with question marks are sprouting up around him.
Making Communications Accessible for Remote Audiences: Electronic Documents Q&A

In Webinar #3 of the Making Communications Accessible for Remote Audiences Series, we discussed best practices for ensuring your PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents are.

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woman with mobile phone surrounded by icons for mobile app
Banking for Good: FirstBank’s Organizational Approach to Digital Accessibility

Learn from FirstBank’s experiences and get practical guidance on developing and implementing a plan that works for your organization.

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Person looking at a computer monitor surrounded by icons representing different formats of communication
Webinar Series: Making Communications Accessible for Remote Audiences – Resources

In this time of social distancing, critical activities of daily living have gone virtual for many – we shop, bank, work, attend classes, and get.

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An open laptop surrounded by icons of various types of content - email, video, chat, documents, etc.
Digital Accessibility is Important Now More Than Ever

With social distancing becoming the new normal, digital accessibility is vital for people with disabilities to stay in touch with society. Many people are solely.

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