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ADA Compliance: Is a Specific Level of Technical Compliance Required?

There’s much debate about WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 compliance being “the standard” for website accessibility. Learn the two things we’ve seen in lawsuits in terms of technical compliance for a targeted site.

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ADA Compliance: What Policies, Procedures, and Practices are Required?

The primary request in most ADA lawsuits is for injunctive relief from the court to force the defendant to change their corporate policies, practices, and procedures to ensure their websites are accessible.

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ADA Compliance: What’s the Breakdown of a Claim in an ADA Lawsuit?

An overview of common claims we see in ADA lawsuits pertaining to web site accessibility.

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ADA Compliance: What Do We See In Lawsuits?

An overview of digital accessibility lawsuits under the ADA – what they’re alleging and what they’re asking for.

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ADA Compliance: Effective Communication

Effective communication via auxiliary aids and services requires parity of experience for people with disabilities—that people with disabilities are not, “treated differently than other individuals”—when those auxiliary aids and services are present.

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ADA Compliance: Auxiliary Aids and Services

A deeper dive into the key concept of “auxiliary aids and services” and the related concept of “effective communication.”

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ADA Compliance: Regulatory Overview

An overview of the rulemaking process for ADA regulations, with a focus on ADA Title III and its subparts.

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ADA Compliance: Specific Prohibitions

A summary of the core requirements in the Specific Prohibitions section of ADA Title III, mixing in references both to the statute (law) and implementing regulations.

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ADA Compliance: General Prohibitions

A summary of the core requirements in the general prohibitions section of ADA Title III that we’ve seen relate to digital accessibility.

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ADA Compliance: The General Rule

ADA Title III’s General Rule summarizes the requirement, which is, simply stated, that you cannot prevent people with disabilities from enjoying full and equal use of the things that you do or provide at a place of public accommodation.

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