diverse group of people using technology, some with disabilities related to vision, hearing, and mobility
ADA Compliance: Definitions of Interest

Title III of the ADA explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in the operation of a place of public accommodation. We cover a couple of key definitions around that in this post.

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Court gavel
ADA Compliance: Background on the ADA

A high-level look at the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its five titles that cover specific areas of public life – four of which warrant attention for digital accessibility.

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ADA Compliance: Series Overview

Get an overview of the four key areas this blog series will explore: laws & regulations, lawsuits, what makes a website ADA compliant, and answers to some of the tricky questions.

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ADA Compliance for Websites and Mobile Devices
ADA Compliance: What Does “ADA Compliant” Mean for a Website?

For decades, we’ve had one question in the digital accessibility industry: what does “ADA compliant” mean for my website, mobile app, or other technology?” This post kicks off the ADA Compliance Series, which aims aim to outline a structure for validating and justifying a claim of “ADA compliance” for a website or other digital system.

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