How the W3C Text Alternative Computation Works

The Text Alternative Computation Over the years, there has been a lot of confusion about the W3C Text Alternative Computation and how this works, especially.

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Using CSS to Customize Standard Checkboxes and Radio Buttons for an Accessible Interface

Standard HTML radio buttons and checkboxes are often some of the most difficult controls to customize for visual appearance. Authors often resort to alternative methods.

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Cartoon people constructing an app
Style Over Substance: The Content CSS Property and Accessibility

The content CSS property is an interesting property used in conjunction with either the :before or :after pseudo-elements that can insert text, symbols, and images.

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A screen showing lines of code on the left and images on the right
CSS Background Images and Accessibility

There have been a spattering of articles discussing background images and their accessibility issues. There does not seem to be a clear solution for all.

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