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Take Your Pick – 3 Days, 10 Webinars March 11-13

UPDATE: You can now find the recorded presentations and other resources at www.levelaccess.com/digital-accessibility-best-practice-trends-series-on-demand Level Access will no longer be attending the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference..

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Alistair Garrison Receives Best Presentation Award at 2017 ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium

Level Access’s Director of Accessibility Research, Alistair Garrison, was given the “Best Presentation Award” on October 27, 2017 at the ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium in.

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Using the Law as a Tool to Advance Digital Accessibility

This year’s 2017 Digital Accessibility Legal Update presentation at CSUN was a huge success. Prominent disability attorneys Lainey Feingold of the Law Office of Lainey.

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2017 CSUN Presentation Materials Available for Download

The SSB/Level Access crew had a fantastic time at last week’s 32nd Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN)! Thank you to everyone who.

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The Maker Movement and Future Awesomeness for Accessibility

While at the CSUN conference in March, I attended many great sessions about a wide range of topics, which I’ll be posting about in the.

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AT&T, Accessibility and You – How They Do It At T

At CSUN this year I had the pleasure of attending a talk titled “Ensuring Accessibility is Considered Throughout the Lifecycle” by Oleg Vasilyev and William.

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If Everything is Urgent, Nothing is Urgent

AT CSUN 2015 I had the pleasure of attending many great sessions. As an Accessibility Consultant myself, a quote from the session titled “Targeting an.

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