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Webinar Series: Making Communications Accessible for Remote Audiences

In this time of social distancing, critical activities of daily living have gone virtual for many – we shop, bank, work, attend classes, and get.

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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Accessibility Basics Webinar Q&A

Last week, Level Access Accessibility Consultant Brian McNeilly presented a webinar on Accessibility Basics for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). We had such a great turnout.

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Tagging Complex Tables

Complex Tables are to be avoided at all cost, as I stated in yesterday’s post, The Trouble with Tables: A Brief Introduction. The reason is that.

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Thoughts on the HTML 5 Working Draft

The last call for comments on the working draft of the HTML 5 specification has been made and comments are due by today. Over the.

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CSS Background Images and Accessibility

There have been a spattering of articles discussing background images and their accessibility issues. There does not seem to be a clear solution for all.

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Classifying Images for More Accurate Automated Results

Introduction In order to provide a higher level of accuracy to the automated results generated by InFocus, SSB Bart Group needed a way to classify images.

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On the Accessibility of Links

There are many in the usability community who regard accessibility as part of usability. I believe this to be a misunderstanding of accessibility. At its.

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