New Lawsuit Against A ‘Certified’ Accessibility Overlay Customer

On September 17, San Francisco’s Lighthouse for the Blind filed suit against a major HR software and services provider for products and services that are.

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Mobile phone, tablet, and laptop displaying wheelchair symbol and "ADA"
ADA Compliance: How Does the ADA Apply to a Website?

This is post #16 in the ADA Compliance Series, which aims to outline a structure for validating and justifying a claim of “ADA compliance” for.

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Person using a laptop surrounded by icons representing privacy notifications
ADA Compliance: What About Privacy Implications?

An overview of the implications of inaccessible terms of use and privacy banners on a website.

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Courthouse, legal documents, and judges gavel
ADA Compliance: What Do We See In Lawsuits?

An overview of digital accessibility lawsuits under the ADA – what they’re alleging and what they’re asking for.

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Courthouse and law books
ADA Compliance: Specific Prohibitions

A summary of the core requirements in the Specific Prohibitions section of ADA Title III, mixing in references both to the statute (law) and implementing regulations.

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Open Law Book
ADA Compliance: General Prohibitions

A summary of the core requirements in the general prohibitions section of ADA Title III that we’ve seen relate to digital accessibility.

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Scales of justice sitting on top of 2 legal books
ADA Compliance: The General Rule

ADA Title III’s General Rule summarizes the requirement, which is, simply stated, that you cannot prevent people with disabilities from enjoying full and equal use of the things that you do or provide at a place of public accommodation.

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diverse group of people using technology, some with disabilities related to vision, hearing, and mobility
ADA Compliance: Definitions of Interest

Title III of the ADA explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in the operation of a place of public accommodation. We cover a couple of key definitions around that in this post.

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The 2020 State of Digital Accessibility Report
Webinar: The State of Digital Accessibility in 2020

Level Access Founder & CEO Tim Springer shares hard data and insights on digital accessibility trends, new developments, and key projections for the year ahead.

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Court gavel
ADA Compliance: Background on the ADA

A high-level look at the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its five titles that cover specific areas of public life – four of which warrant attention for digital accessibility.

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