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Release of the Windows 10 Edge Browser – What it Means for Accessibility and ARIA Support in IE

As the launch date for Windows 10 comes closer, so does the release of a new web browser. Previously code named Spartan, this new browser.

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Style Over Substance: The Content CSS Property and Accessibility

The content CSS property is an interesting property used in conjunction with either the :before or :after pseudo-elements that can insert text, symbols, and images.

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Captioning Support in Internet Explorer 10: An Accessibility Breakthrough

Guest blog by Thomas Logan and James Herndon If you frequently watch video content on the web, you may have noticed the recent increase.

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A smartphone with a grid of colorful app icons on the screen. Other app icons are in bubbles surrounding the phone.
Big Changes for Flash – the future is mobile, HTML 5, and RIA

Today Adobe announced that it will no longer be making its Flash Player for mobile devices. With HTML5 being supported by all major mobile and.

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