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Beyond the Web: Ensuring Your Mobile Content is Accessible

Learn about current trends in mobile usage, accessibility requirements for mobile content, common issues and their impact on users with disabilities, and testing and development strategies and best practices for mobile apps and mobile web content.

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Mobile Assistive Technology Overview

Get an overview of the types of assistive technologies (AT) used by people with disabilities on mobile devices, and isee live demonstrations of them in use.

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WCAG 2.1 and Mobile Accessibility

An overview of WCAG 2.1 success criteria for mobile & touchscreen devices and strategies for testing against the requirements.

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financial applications ion a mobile phone
Making Financial Apps Accessible to People with Disabilities

Banking from home is one thing, but how great is it that we can trade stocks on the beach or manage a 401k while sitting.

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A laptop and smartphone displaying financial applications
Making Online Banking and ATMs Accessible to People with Disabilities

Everyone wants equal access to their money. Gone are the days of stashing cash under your mattress or deciphering your handwriting in a checkbook register..

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Photo of Instant Pot
Complex Cooking Is Now Accessible for the Blind Using Bluetooth

Typically I’m well known for ripping products apart, but not really for endorsing a product due to the amazing level of its accessibility. Since this.

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A smartphone with a grid of colorful app icons on the screen. Other app icons are in bubbles surrounding the phone.
Assistive Technology for Users with Mobility Disabilities: Android Switch Access

Welcome to the final post in this short series on assistive technology for users with mobility disabilities. Today, we focus on Android Switch Access. For the previous.

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A man uses an iPad that is mounted to his wheelchair
Assistive Technology for Users with Mobility Disabilities: iOS Switch Control

The iOS Switch Control accessibility feature is built-in to iOS and can be used with a variety of Bluetooth switches, Bluetooth keyboards, and the iOS.

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Computer and Mobile Phone Access for People with Mobility Disabilities

Users with mobility disabilities access computers and mobile phones in an array of ways. These users include people who use wheelchairs, people with limited manual.

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Mobile Browser Support for ARIA Roles, States, and Properties

Last month I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 1st Annual IAAP Access 2015 Conference, including a session I presented on the current.

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