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Android 4.2 OS Released with New Accessibility Features

Note: There have been updates since this post The latest version of Android Jelly Bean version 4.2 was recently released. We had been hearing about the beta.

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Senior Cell Phones: A Recognition of the Changing Needs of the Aging

If you’re in the accessibility industry but not using accessible devices for your personal use, that doesn’t mean you won’t be doing so in the.

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Accessibility Management Platform – Mobile Support

As of the Spring 2012 release, the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) provides mobile best practices and auditing capabilities for both Android OS and iOS. As mobile.

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The Mobile Accessibility Landscape

Introduction Cell phone usage continues to grow at a staggering rate. Recently Ars Technica reported that 110 percent of American residents have cell phones (there.

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Big Changes for Flash – the future is mobile, HTML 5, and RIA

Today Adobe announced that it will no longer be making its Flash Player for mobile devices. With HTML5 being supported by all major mobile and.

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The Importance of Mobile Accessibility

by Debra Ruh, Chief Marketing Officer Okay, what type of mobile phone user are you? Are you a Blackberry, Android or iPhone user? I am.

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iPad Accessibility – My Perspective

Over the past year there have been many reviews of the iPad and its accessibility features. I’m writing this post to share my personal experiences,.

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