A teacher explaining a flowchart to a small group of diverse adult students
Join Level Access at Accessing Higher Ground This Month!

We are looking forward to presenting for a fifth year at next week’s 20th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference (AHG), November 15-17th in.

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A multi-page document labeled PDF
PDF Accessibility: Table of Contents Guidelines

If there is a Bible for PDF accessibility, it is the 14th chapter of ISO 32000_2008, the ur-text of the PDF standard. For any Scripture,.

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A variety of educational items, including a diploma, an apple, a tablet, and books.
Use Case Testing

What is it, where does it fit in, and is it right for your situation? As a member of the Accessibility Services team at Level.

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A magnifying glass gets a closer look at a website
How much time does it take to remediate a site or application for compliance?

One question we receive a lot at Level Access is, how long does it take to bring a system into compliance with Section 508 or.

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A government building, a judge's gavel, and a laptop.
How do I determine if my web site or application is Section 508 compliant?

By far the most common question we receive here at Level Access is how do I determine if this thing is 508 compliant? To answer that question we have to at three key questions. To be 508 compliant you have to be able to answer each question in the affirmative. The questions are:

  • Did we write the application in a fashion that conforms to the coding requirements in the relevant standards? Did we code it right? (Technical Requirements)
  • Can people with disabilities using the application complete the core tasks of the application? Does the application as a whole produce an accessible experience? Can people with disabilities use it? (Functional Requirements)
  • Is the deployment context of the application accessible? Does the information, documentation, support and training produce an accessible experience? (Support Requirements)
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Internet Explorer logo
Remarks on Internet Explorer 9 Accessibility and Compatibility with Assistive Technology

The release of Internet Explorer 9 has brought about new accessibility challenges which have, as a result, necessitated many assistive technology manufacturers to release new.

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A screen showing a Compliance Score report and various graphs. The overall score is 94%.
Section 508 Testing Approaches

So you know that you have to comply with Section 508 and now you want to understand your options for testing that compliance. This post covers the basic choices for how to do 508 testing and evaluation requirements for your testing infrastructure.

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Browser showing search bar and page HTML page structure
Automated Testing Tool Limitations

Most people today will agree that testing for accessibility is a good idea. Unfortunately, it is unclear how best to test for accessibility in a.

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A woman searches the web for Digital Accessibility Vendor. She looks confused by the choices.
What Should You Look for in an Accessibility Vendor?

Choosing which professional vendor to partner with can be difficult in any field or industry. However, this can seem especially daunting for those new to.

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A man uses an iPad that is mounted to his wheelchair
Normative and Functional Testing

As the field of accessibility has become larger, it has also become more formal and professional. Prior to formal accessibility standards, governments and other organizations.

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