ADA Compliance: Why Does the Definition of “Compliant” Seem to Change Over Time?

Feel like ADA compliance is a moving target? Here’s 4 big reasons why your approach to digital accessibility needs to be flexible.

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ADA Compliance: Isn’t This Just a One Time Fix?

Learn why ADA compliance for your website isn’t just a one time fix, and why it’s so important to change how you do business.

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ADA Compliance: The ADA Compliant Website

Our view of the three things that make a website ADA Compliant.

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The Future of WCAG: Introduction to WCAG 3.0

Join us on Aug. 25th to learn about limitations with the current WCAG guidelines, goals and direction and tentative timelines for future guidelines.

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icons representing mail, lawbook, checklist, and scales of justice
ADA Compliance: How Do You Test for Effective Communication?

This post outlines a series of tests you can perform to determine if a system provides effective communication for people with disabilities.

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person looking at a mobile phone surrounded by icons for various apps
ADA Compliance: How Do You Test Full and Equal Access for a Website?

An overview of the two core questions we seek to answer to determine if a site provides full and equal access for users with disabilities.

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Series of icons representing areas of a website which should be ADA compliant, like shop, chat, support, and product info.
ADA Compliance: What’s Covered? What’s Not?

An overview of which sections of a website are covered under ADA Title III requirements and which most likely are not.

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Mobile phone, tablet, and laptop displaying wheelchair symbol and "ADA"
ADA Compliance: How Does the ADA Apply to a Website?

This is post #16 in the ADA Compliance Series, which aims to outline a structure for validating and justifying a claim of “ADA compliance” for.

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Person using a laptop surrounded by icons representing privacy notifications
ADA Compliance: What About Privacy Implications?

An overview of the implications of inaccessible terms of use and privacy banners on a website.

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ADA Compliance: Is a Specific Level of Technical Compliance Required?

There’s much debate about WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 compliance being “the standard” for website accessibility. Learn the two things we’ve seen in lawsuits in terms of technical compliance for a targeted site.

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