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Federal Court Decision in Gomez v. GNC Highlights Importance of Choosing an Experienced Accessibility Expert

A recent decision out of the Southern District of Florida highlights the importance of hiring an experienced accessibility expert in web accessibility cases under Title.

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A smartphone screen showing a bookshelf. An open book is labeled WCAG 2.1.
WCAG 2.1 Factsheet

When standards change, Level Access is here to bring clarity! Download our WCAG 2.1 Factsheet for a no-nonsense guide to the new success criteria. Contents.

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Mobile Accessibility 401: Let’s Get Testing!

When people ask questions about doing accessibility testing on mobile devices they are often making two basic assumptions. The first is that accessibility testing on.

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DOJ Reaffirms Position that ADA Applies to Websites

In a letter to members of Congress last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) clarified that it believes that Title III of the Americans with Disabilities.

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A smartphone displays a bookshelf. An open book is labeled WCAG 2.1
WCAG 2.1: What You Need to Know to Ensure Compliance Q&A and Webinar Resources

Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila and Manager of Accessibility Services and UX expert Kara VanRoekel hosted a well-attended webinar last week, “WCAG 2.1: What You.

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Infographic: North American Accessibility Laws and Digital Content Standards

Download this handy guide for a review of all accessibility laws and digital content standards in North America including: U.S. Federal Laws U.S. State Laws.

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2018 Digital Accessibility Trends – Fall Update Q&A and Webinar Resources

Level Access CEO and Founder Tim Springer and Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila hosted our popular 2018 Digital Accessibility Trends – Fall Update webinar earlier this month. There were.

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WCAG 2.1: What You Need to Know to Ensure Compliance

Original Presentation Date: September 19, 2018 The WCAG 2.1 standards were released this summer and have made several new (or updated) recommendations for digital accessibility best.

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Can You Be Sued Over Digital Accessibility if You Already Have a Settlement? (Spoiler Alert: Yes.)

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has overturned the dismissal of a website accessibility lawsuit against Hooters, allowing the case to proceed. The.

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Does WCAG 2.1 Replace 2.0? When Should You Adopt WCAG 2.1?

This is the final post in a three-part series about WCAG 2.1. Previously, we covered WCAG 2.1 in AMP (Accessibility Management Platform) and WCAG 2.1: Exploring the New Success Criteria. .

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