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2019 Digital Accessibility Trends

Where does the world of digital accessibility stand? What trends are sweeping the marketplace? Which laws and regulations are new or changing soon? And how does it all relate to your organization?

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A man wearing a VR headset and holding a game controller in one hand. His other hand is reaching for something we cannot see.
Accessibility within AR/VR: Jonathan Avila on the AT Banter podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on AT Banter: An Assistive Technology Podcast for their EPISODE 140 – Accessibility within Virtual Reality.

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2018 Digital Accessibility Trends Q&A and Webinar Resources

Level Access CEO and founder Tim Springer and Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila hosted our popular Digital Accessibility Trends webinar for 2018 last Tuesday, January 23rd..

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Join Level Access at CSUN 2018!

Are you heading to San Diego for CSUN 2018?  Level Access is proud to again sponsor this great conference, and – as always – we have.

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Our Popular Digital Accessibility Trends Webinar is Back!

Where is digital accessibility heading in 2018? Find out in this year’s installment of our popular Digital Accessibility Trends webinar! Level Access CEO Tim Springer.

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Accessibility in the Virtual/Augmented Reality Space

Original Presentation: July 13, 2017 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) is one of the hottest topics in technology right now. One of the challenges.

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