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CONTEST: Alt Text Showdown, Hospitality Edition

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Written by: E Foley

WELCOME to Alt Text Showdown!

Think you can write the best alt text ever? Put it to the test in our contest! Enter your amazing alt text in the comments (or on our Facebook or Twitter page). You can even do a few different versions if you’re inspired!

Enter as many times as you like until 11:59 pm ET. The person who writes the best alt text will win a 16 oz Tervis tumbler with the Level Access logo on it.

The Image:

Long description in the text.

The Long Description

(We want our friends with visual disabilities to play, too!)

Poolside view at a tropical hotel. It is a bright sunny day with light fluffy clouds. In the foreground are several cushioned lounge chairs, each with a rolled-up towel. The lounge chairs are shaded by several large cloth umbrellas. The pool stretches from the left side of the photo to the right and the water is clear and sparkling in the sunshine. Across the pool from the lounge chairs is a swim-up bar, stocked with liquor bottles and glasses. More lounge chairs and shade umbrellas line the other side of the pool area. On the left wall of the pool is a small water feature made of stone. Palm trees and other tropical plants surround the pool area. There are no people to be seen.

The Context

This image is for the amenities page on a luxury resort hotel’s website. They chose it because it emphasizes the length of the pool and the comfortable lounge furniture. The creative director feels that it has a very relaxed vibe to it.

Your Mission

Write some awesome alt text for this image. While there is no hard limit on alt text, for purposes of this contest, keep it to the length of a tweet (280 characters).

Enter in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter page. The winner will be announced tomorrow, 11/14/18.


  • Jessie Espenschade
    November 14, 2018

    Poolside view of empty resort lounge chairs, each with a rolled up towel. Across the way is a swim-up pool bar, tables, and more lounge chairs. The sky is blue with some clouds and plenty of palm trees.

    • E Foley
      November 14, 2018

      Congrats Jessie! You’re the winner of the Alt Text Showdown! We will be in touch to get a mailing address to send your Tervis tumbler. 🙂

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