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SSB helped develop a Veteran’s Health Administration comprehensive Flash accessibility course. This course, which has just gone live, provides in-depth training to managers and developers on Flash accessibility. This course is different from other courses in that it is up-to-date, and comprehensively addresses accessibility of individual components and the interaction and navigation of components rather than just individual accessibility properties. The course goes far beyond the well known tasks of setting accessible names, setting tab order, and choosing good color schemes. It covers concepts such as creating custom visual focus indicators, creating captions from start to end, adding audio description, and teaching an understanding of reading order, and focus management. The ActionScript 3 based course is invaluable to developers, managers, and those testing Flash content for accessibility and Section 508 compliance. View the Flash course on the VHA Section 508 office website. SSB is known for creating comprehensive and engaging online training materials for a wide variety of topics including Flash, Flex, PDF, InDesign, and Web accessibility. This course is an example of how SSB can take an organizations standard’s and meaningfully address accessibility to a targeted audience.