Digital Accessibility for Products

VPATs and ACRs for digital products help you navigate procurement
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VPATs and ACRs for Digital Products

Level Access will help you meet accessibility compliance requirements for your digital products by completing VPATs and delivering ACRs, an important first step to working with accessibility-minded procurement organizations.

Digital Product Compliance

VPAT and ACR for Compliance

Many procurement organizations require their vendors to demonstrate digital accessibility compliance in the products they purchase. A completed VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template), also known as an ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report), is the industry standard method for showing a product’s accessibility conformance.

Our experts will work with your team to develop a testing plan for your product or service. Once a plan is in place, we will conduct an independent assessment of your asset’s accessibility per WCAG standards and fill out a VPAT for you. The final report, an ACR, will provide an evaluation for your product or service against all success criteria from the specified WCAG version and conformance level.

With comprehensive coverage of all accessibility requirements across all digital properties, Level Access can help your organization with digital products, websites, mobile apps and more.

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