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At Level Access, we make it our business to know what’s going on in accessibility. And since we are already scouring the web for the most important stories about accessibility, we thought we would share some of them with you.

So we’re introducing a periodic Accessibility News Roundup blog series that brings together the best recent stories from the web about accessibility. Sometimes they’ll be informative, sometimes they’ll be quirky, sometimes they’ll be serious, and sometimes they’ll warm your heart. But they’ll all help you understand the importance of accessibility—digital and otherwise—in everyday life.

We hope you enjoy!

  • “It all started 30 years ago this March, when students at Gallaudet University, the only university in the world ‘designed to be barrier-free for deaf and hard-of-hearing students,’ seized control of their campus. They took up a collection, bought locks, and chained the gates to the campus shut. They marched. They campaigned. They refused to relent until the Board of Trustees granted their core demand: appoint a Deaf president to lead Gallaudet.” – Pacific Standard: How ‘Deaf President Now’ Changed America
  • “People with disabilities are entering the workforce in unprecedented numbers. According to data from the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire and RespectAbility, a nonprofit that advances opportunities for people with disabilities, 343,483 disabled people joined the workforce in 2016, four times as many as the previous year.” – The Christian Science Monitor: Why the number of new jobs for people with disabilities grew fourfold
  • “Earlier this year, Meeks had a thought: If doctors with disabilities saw more people like themselves, would they talk more openly about the challenges and opportunities? She started the hashtag #docswithdisabilities. The goal was to find 20 doctors willing to share their stories. ‘There’s no end in sight,’ Meeks said. She has been flooded with interest from doctors with disabilities. (And now #nurseswithdisabilities have joined in, too).” – The Philadelphia Tribune: Doctors with disabilities seek to mend attitudes
  • “In the cases filed thus far, such as those by Dominic Martin, Roy Rios, and Abelardo Martinez in Orange County and San Diego Superior Courts in California last week, the plaintiffs argue that they are blind residents of California who want to enter the workforce, attempted to apply using the defendant’s online application, but could not because it was inaccessible to individuals with disabilities.” – ADA Title III Blog: Beyond Title III: Website Accessibility Lawsuits Filed Alleging Inaccessible Online Employment Applications
  • “A DOT rule allowing drivers to block curb ramps at unmarked crosswalks may conflict with laws that mandate access for people with disabilities, according to a local disability rights expert.
    “About 10 years ago, then-City Council member Vincent Gentile got the idea that unmarked crosswalks should be appropriated ‘to open up more parking spaces.’ He introduced legislation to make it happen, but before the bill could come to a vote DOT went ahead with a rule change in 2009 that made it legalfor drivers to park at T intersections.” – StreetsBlog NYC: Does DOTs Rule Allowing Drivers to Park in Front of Curb Ramps Violate Accessibility Laws?
  • “A deaf South Florida man is suing the Legislature because it doesn’t provide closed captioning for its ‘online live streaming and archived videos of legislative proceedings.’
    “The National Association Of The Deaf andEddie Sierra filed a federal lawsuit this week in Miami against the state, the Florida Senate and House, Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, as well as the Florida State University Board Of Trustees and FSU President John Thrasher.” – Florida Politics: Lawsuit: Legislative videoslack of captions discriminates against deaf

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