The 2021 State of Digital Accessibility Report

How did organizations across industries approach digital accessibility in 2021? What driving factors motivated teams to prioritize digital accessibility, and what roadblocks did they face?

Based on a survey of more than 1,000 professionals at public- and private-sector organizations across major industries, our 2021 State of Digital Accessibility Report offers a candid, comprehensive overview of the 2021 digital accessibility landscape.

Request the report now to gain insight into how digital accessibility evolved in 2021 and benchmark your own progress.

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Understand key trends and developments including:

  • The primary factors leading organizations to prioritize digital accessibility
  • The biggest challenges teams faced when implementing accessibility programs
  • The role of monitoring and testing tools in organizations’ digital accessibility efforts
  • How teams are navigating accessibility lawsuits and mitigating future risk
  • How COVID-19 impacted organizations’ digital accessibility initiatives

In 2021, digital accessibility moved upstream.

Our 2021 survey found that many organizations are “shifting left” by thinking about digital accessibility earlier in the product development lifecycle. Just under half of respondents began considering a digital product’s accessibility in the “planning” phase, while another 27% first touched on accessibility in design.

For more information on organizations’ digital accessibility practices and processes in 2021, request the complete 2021 State of Digital Accessibility Report.

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