Webinar | Banking for Good: FirstBank’s Organizational Approach to Digital Accessibility

With the current pandemic increasing consumers’ reliance on web and mobile as their sole means of banking, many organizations are realizing that barrier-free access has become more important than ever, and a website or app that’s not accessible to users with disabilities may be a bigger compliance risk than originally anticipated.

On-Demand Webinar

woman with mobile phone surrounded by icons for mobile app

Learn how FirstBank’s commitment to best-in-class customer experience led to an organization-wide digital accessibility program. Melissa Alamo, Software Delivery Manager for FirstBank, discusses about the bank’s multi-phased, and multi-departmental, approach to ensuring their customer-facing technology is accessible, including:

  • Assessing their customer facing technology
  • Developing a prioritized roadmap
  • Assembling a multi-departmental steering committee
  • Training Product, QA, and Development Teams
  • Implementing a protocol and supporting tools for sustainability

Whether you need to address accessibility in the short-term or are looking for ways to strengthen your overall accessibility program, learn from FirstBank’s experiences and get practical guidance on developing and implementing a plan that works for your organization.

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