Digital Accessibility in E-Commerce

E-commerce organizations spend millions every year on website “sizzle”—incorporating all the latest features to ensure their shopping experiences captivate and engage.

But what they may not be considering is accessibility.

The fact is, a large segment of the population may face obstacles when trying to complete essential online activities, from “adding to cart” to completing a purchase.

Our Digital Accessibility in E-Commerce guide details how—and why—to create accessible online experiences.

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Digital Accessibility in E-commerce

Create accessible, compliant, engaging e-commerce experiences

Creating digitally accessible e-commerce experiences ensures every consumer, of every ability, can engage—including the tens of millions of consumers with a disability.

So how do you do it? In our Digital Accessibility in E-Commerce guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why digital accessibility and why now
  • The business and brand benefits of an accessible online experience
  • Six steps every e-commerce organization needs to take to make their experiences accessible

No need to go at it alone

When you’re ready to commit to accessible e-commerce, we’re ready to help. We’re trusted by the world’s leading retailers to provide the advanced technology and expert support services needed to make e-commerce experiences accessible, legally compliant, and engaging —and keep them that way.

Digital Accessibility in E-commerce

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