Introduction to ADA Compliance and Digital Accessibility

Are you new to digital accessibility, and wondering where to get started? Do you know your organization needs to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but you’re unsure what that means for your website?  

You’re not alone. As the number of web accessibility lawsuits filed citing the ADA continues to rise, many organizations that were unfamiliar with accessibility standards are now taking care to ensure that their digital assets are accessible for people with disabilities.  

Ready to join them? In our “Introduction to ADA Compliance and Digital Accessibility” guide, you’ll find the legal, strategic, and technical information you need to build a foundational understanding of digital accessibility and ADA compliance.  

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Get oriented as you begin your digital accessibility journey

Request this guide to learn:

  • How the ADA applies to websites and other technology
  • The definitions of key ADA terms, like “effective communication”
  • How web accessibility lawsuits under the ADA are typically structured
  • How to evaluate your organization’s current approach to digital accessibility and work toward compliance

How does the ADA apply to websites?

Under Title III of the ADA, all public accommodations must be accessible to people with disabilities. The law defines a public accommodation as any space where an organization provides goods or services to the general public. Because many transactions now take place online, many courts have repeatedly ruled that websites and other digital products count as public accommodations and can be prosecuted for failing to comply with Title III of the ADA. For more information about the risks associated with poor digital accessibility, and how to avoid them, download our full guide.

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