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Inclusive Digital Marketing: How to Create Accessible Campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, conversion is the name of the game.
But are you undermining conversion opportunities with a digital campaign that’s not accessible to potentially 25 percent of your consumer market—people with disabilities?

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Boost brand, increase market size, mitigate legal risk

Why create accessible campaigns? Three key considerations: Market size and purchasing power, brand enhancement, and risk management. Inside this practical guide for marketing leaders, we explain:

  • The bottom-line impact of accessibility: massive market opportunity
  • Steps for creating engaging, accessible experiences, from videos to emails to social posts
  • How accessibility and usability go hand-in-hand, and the brand benefits of both

Accessible experiences are more usable experiences

When you make the elements of your campaign accessible for customers with disabilities, you’re actually improving the experience for every user. Accessible digital experiences are more usable experiences—across the board. When you prioritize digital accessibility, you ensure maximum reach and effectiveness, and contribute to a more inclusive overall experience.

Inclusive Digital Marketing: How to create accessible campaigns

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