Webinar | Agile Accessibility: Socure’s Journey to Prioritizing Online Inclusion

As a company committed to building inclusive solutions, Socure recognized the importance of making its identity verification platform accessible to all users. But rather than approaching accessibility as an additional workflow, they’ve pivoted to an agile approach—embedding accessibility in every step of the product development lifecycle, reducing tech debt and improving efficiency.

How did they make this shift, what’s the impact, and how can your organization benefit from this approach?

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Socure and Level Access webinar featuring Che-Bin Liu, Director of Software Engineering, Socure; Jordan Burris, Vice President and Head of Public Sector Strategy, Socure; and Ian Lowe, Chief Marketing Officer, Level Access

In our “Agile Accessibility: Socure’s Journey to Prioritizing Online Inclusion” session, host Ian Lowe, CMO, Level Access chats with Che-Bin Liu and Jordan Burris of Socure to learn:

  • What “AHA” moment unlocked Socure’s path toward smoother, smarter accessibility
  • How the company created cross-functional accessibility alignment for sustainable success
  • Why an agile “early, often, iterative” approach to digital accessibility has benefitted Socure and its customers

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