Webinar: WCAG 2.1 and Mobile Accessibility

Ensuring accessibility of mobile devices and their apps is difficult on two fronts: first, the technology is constantly evolving; and second, WCAG 2.0 didn’t delve too deeply into guidelines for mobile. This has all changed with WCAG 2.1. Mobile Accessibility expert Kara VanRoekel walks through everything you need to know about the new guidelines (including when you should be implementing them).

On-Demaand Webinar

Group of hands holding up a variety of mobile devices with icons for different types of apps

In this Webinars, you will learn more about:

  • The 17 new WCAG 2.1 success criteria, which include 11 with special considerations for mobile devices and touch screens
  • Who benefits from these new guidelines
  • Effective testing strategies for mobile and touch screen devices
  • Compliant and non-compliant examples for each new criterion.

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