eBook: ADA Compliance & Digital Accessibility

Written by: Kim Phillips

The Ultimate ADA Compliance Overview for Digital Accessibility

The ADA Compliance eBook provides a straightforward summary of ADA digital accessibility basics, including key definitions, the latest litigation trends, and exactly what’s needed for your organization to ensure compliance. Download this resource now and share it with your team to gauge your current efforts and effectively plan for long-term compliance.

Get a clear understanding of critical concepts and insights into ADA compliance, including:

  • How the ADA applies to websites and other technology
  • Critical definitions to know – such as Title III and Effective Communication
  • How ADA lawsuits work for digital accessibility and what they’re demanding
  • The typical progression for customers in taking action towards compliance
  • A scorecard for evaluating your current approach to digital accessibility
  • A demand letter checklist so you know what to do if you receive one
  • A prioritization model for a typical website

Download the ADA Compliance for Digital Accessibility eBook