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Thoughtfully Test with Users That Have Disabilities

User testing is an important aspect of inclusive design. We recommend performing automated & manual testing in advance, and focusing user testing on issues that go above and beyond accessibility standards. Ensure that any surveys, materials, and tools that you use for user evaluation are accessible.

Include Closed Captioning for Videos

Everyone knows that captions are important to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, but what you might not know is that 80% of people who use captions do not have a disability. Captions also help viewers comprehend dialogue, maintain focus and concentration, and allow them to watch videos in noisy or sound-sensitive environments. Online video is a huge part of our lives, and ensuring yours includes high quality captions will have a huge impact.

Implement Accessibility Early On

Don’t just think about accessibility early on, implement accessibility early in your design process. It saves valuable time, resources, and prevents your team from having to backtrack and make changes late in the game. Chief Experience Officer Derek Featherstone wants you to be the accessibility champion for your organization!

Use Audio Descriptions

Not to be confused with closed captions, which assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing, audio descriptions assist people who are blind or visually impaired. Audio description is narration that describes key visual elements during the natural pauses of a video or performance. For example, you can build in voice overs for text that appears on screen or describe what is going on visually or leave pauses in appropriate locations if additional audio narration is required..

Ensure Keyboard Usability

Keyboard accessibility sometimes gets forgotten. Derek Featherstone talks to product managers about why you should demo your product with your keyboard and how you can have an impact even if you’re not the one coding or designing a product.E