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Law books and a judge's gavel sit on a laptop

On January 30, President Trump signed an executive order to curtail regulations and the cost associated with them. One of the notable provisions in the executive order mandates “for every one new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations be identified for elimination.”

The executive order will have significant impact on digital accessibility. As a recent post on Seyfarth Shaw’s ADA Title III blog points out, new Department of Justice (DOJ) regulations for public accommodation websites, originally anticipated for 2018, will likely be stalled.

We concur with Seyfarth Shaw’s assessment that the lack of clear guidelines for public accommodation websites will probably cause an increase in the number of lawsuits, as we predicted in November following Trump’s election. New regulations would allow companies to know what is expected of them to be compliant with the law. In the absence of clarity from regulations, people with disabilities will continue to seek relief through the court system.