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Written by: Jonathan Avila

Welcome to the SSB Bart Group accessibility blog.  The blog will be a place for staff to discuss current accessibility issues, new assistive technologies, and research in the field of accessibility. The blog will also be a place for discussion of these issues with the community.

I will be one of the authors of blog entries.   I am the Chief Accessibility Officer at SSB.   My role is to maintain and develop our accessibility methodology, training, and best practices.  As new standards are released I am involved in ensuring our methodology covers these and that are best practices are updated to reference the new accessibility standard.

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  • Jake74
    April 28, 2009

    Hello. I’m new to this blog but have been looking it over. I really like what I see. I was a JAWS user for several years, but I recently upgraded to Windows Vista and found that the two don’t work together that well. If anyone can offer me advice in this regard, please do so. I am using System Access to Go and love it. Accessibility is very important and I don’t know why our two blindness organizations haven’t done more to work together in an attempt to increase awareness of this crucial issue. But I really like your blog and keep up the great work.

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