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Why I joined Level Access as CMO

Written by: Kim Phillips

When I reflected on my past career decisions, I realized that the most fulfilling and meaningful work happened when I trusted my instincts. Two years ago, I was convinced by the brilliant Ray Wang to join Constellation Research as an industry analyst after a successful run as a head of marketing and sales operations. I enjoyed being an analyst immensely and had the honor of working with an elite group of clients that I still today pinch myself that of all the choices they have, they chose to work with me.

When the opportunity to join Level Access presented itself, what caught my attention was the mission of the company. Level Access helps organizations achieve and maintain digital accessibility compliance to ensure people with disabilities and the rapidly growing aging population has access to technology. The more I learned about the company, its customers, the market, and talking to the CEO, Tim Springer, and other members of the team, the more excited I was about the opportunity.

One of the trends I cover in the marketing world is the rate of content velocity. As we live in a mobile and digital-first world, organizations are creating web properties at lightning speed. Digital experiences are all around us, but as I think about everything the landscape has to offer including e-commerce sites, landing pages, social media, blogs, videos, etc., are they truly “user-friendly” and inclusive to everyone? When we talk about customer experience, do we consider those who may be left behind by such rapid digitization? Sure, there are regulations and standards for digital accessibility, but many organizations are slow to react until they receive a demand letter or lose business because their customer required compliance. Seeing this need in the market and how Level Access helps make digital properties accessible, compelled me to join as their Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to driving marketing and product marketing, I’ll have direct responsibility for my other passion, sales enablement, and oversee a high-velocity sales team.

After being in the technology industry for close to two decades, this is the first time I can proudly say that I’m at a company that is improving the lives of others. I look forward to partnering with our customers, Tim, all the Levelers, and JMI Equity to build a great company and create an inclusive world for all users.

Lastly, I want to take a moment and express my deepest gratitude to Ray, my colleagues at Constellation, my clients, analyst and media friends, and all the vendors I worked with in the marketing and sales technology industry for an incredible two years. Thank you for putting your trust in me, and I will treasure these friendships for a lifetime.

Cindy Zhou joined Level Access as Chief Marketing Officer earlier this summer. This was originally posted on her LinkedIn blog.