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Meet Our Team

We are passionate about technology and equal access for all.

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Sara Adams photo
Sara Adams

Sara Adams

Administrative Assistant

* Was a collegiate swimmer
* I’ve lived in five countries and eight states
* I have a cat that looks like Garfield.

Avi Agarwal Photo
Avi Agarwal

Avi Agarwal

Accessibility Services Consultant

Rishi Agrawal photo
Rishi Agrawal

Rishi Agrawal

Legal Writer

* I am a “Competitive Magic: the Gathering” player. Yes, I play against other adults.
* I’m overeducated. I have an MFA in Creative Writing and a law degree (JD).
* I’m writing a semi-autobiographical novel about super heroes, very slowly.

Megan Alfaro photo
Megan Alfaro

Megan Alfaro

Senior Product Manager

* I have an irrational fear of birds (specifically, their claws)
* I have a twin brother who I talk with daily during my commute
* I’m a big cross country and track & field fan

Bipul Amatya photo
Bipul Amatya

Bipul Amatya

Accessibility Analyst

* I love Animes and yes, anime and cartoons are two different things.
* You can find me every Saturday playing board games with people I’ve just met.
* I am not good with memorizing names, so if you come to me after a month or more, my first question could be “Can I have your name please?”

Mansi Anand photo
Mansi Anand

Mansi Anand

Accessibility Consultant

Alex Anez photo
Alex Añez

Alex Añez

Solutions Engineer

* I love practicing Mixed Martial Arts (e.g., Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
* Bilingual in English and Spanish; born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
* I love merengue and salsa dancing

Shahla Ashrafi photo
Shahla Ashrafi

Shahla Ashrafi

UX Designer

* I love learning about how the human brain works and observing how users interact with new tools and sites.
* I’m terrified of heights, but I faced my fears last year when I went sky diving for the first and last time.
* I’ve moved 10 times in the last seven years; I’ve become a pro!