Mobile Accessibility Basics

Learn about accessibility features on Android and iOS and get an introduction to manual and automated accessibility testing on mobile in this 4-part series.

Person with a white cane using screen reader software on a mobile phone.
Mobile Accessibility 101: Mobile Screen Readers

We’re kicking off our mobile accessibility series with a comparison of the TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (iOS) screen readers.

3 hands holding up mobile phones
Mobile Accessibility 201: Colors, Contrast, and Magnification, Oh My!

Screen readers might be the best-known aspect of mobile accessibility, but they’re not the only game in town.

Group of hands holding up a variety of mobile devices with icons for different types of apps
Mobile Accessibility 301: Switching Things up with Switch Access

Switch access is a way for people with limited mobility to interact with various communication and mobility devices.

Person holding a magnifying glass over a checkbox on a mobile phone
Mobile Accessibility 401: Let’s Get Testing!

When people ask questions about doing accessibility testing on mobile devices they are often making two basic assumptions. The first is that accessibility testing on.