Just announced: Level Access and eSSENTIAL Accessibility agree to merge! Read more.

Earlier today we had the pleasure of announcing a strategic partnership we developed between SSB and TecAccess – another leading firm in the accessibility space. One of the common questions I have received in the development of the partnership is – what’s this all about – and I wanted to take a moment to talk about that.

One of the things our customers have been asking for a long time is that we provide the ability not just to tell them what is wrong but actually go in and change the code of an application to conform with the relevant accessibility standards. While we have long had the technical knowledge to do this, our historic approach has been to avoid these projects and focus on providing detailed technical specifications on how to address things. The TecAccess transaction is all about bridging this gap and giving us the resources to take things a step further. Instead of solely providing audit and testing results SSB now has the capacity to provide the design and development services. These services are focused on building accessible and compliant IT systems de novo or retrofitting existing systems into compliance. This gives us a more complete set of tools to support clients throughout the entire life cycle of an IT system – from initial design through to deployment.

As we noted in the press release, as part of the partnership, key TecAccess employees have come over to work on our team. I cannot tell you how excited we are to have them on board! TecAccess has put together a great team over the years and the people we have added extend our deep subject matter expertise even further. Operationally this transition occurred on April 1 although the official announcement was delayed for a few days as a few final legal pieces were put into place.

As part of the partnership SSB has a unique opportunity to help TecAccess grow in the area of 8(a) contract work with US Federal government customers. As part of that Debra Ruh is working with us in a dual role as the Chief Marketing Officer of SSB BART Group and CEO of TecAccess. Debra is a great asset for both companies and – while I am sad to have to share her with TecAccess – I am excited to have her be a part of the success of both firms.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments feel free to e-mail me directly or comment on this post. You can get me via e-mail at tim.springer@ssbbartgroup.com.