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PDF Accessibility Basics Series: Forms Q&A and Webinar Resources

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Written by: Kristin Heineman

PDF and other document iconsLevel Access Accessibility Consultant James Thompson hosted the sixth of an eight-part webinar series on PDF Accessibility Basics on Tuesday, December 12th on Forms.

There were a few questions during the webinar that we did not have time to address, so we’ve provided the answers in this post.

For more information, you can access the webinar slides, transcript, and recorded presentation here: Forms Webinar Resources.

Webinar Q&A

Q: Do you need to readjust the tab order after you add new fields?

A: You need to always check the tab order before tagging the document and sometimes Acrobat adjusts it properly.

Q: When you split that name field, did it automatically update the tab order? Or, do you have to do that as well?

A: Ideally it would update automatically, but you need to check to make sure.

 Q: Will it read the question and then the full tooltip — reading the question twice?

A: Yes, the text will be read along with the tooltip. 

Q: Can you use checkboxes to give the users one option as well as multiple options?

A: Checkboxes allow as many or as little selections as the user wants, Radio buttons allow the user only one selection. 

Q: Why are you placing the boxes on top of the text content? Should it be placed next to the text indent or are they used to just give the user multiple options unlike radio buttons?

A: The placement over the text was not to show the correct placement. Placing the boxes next to the text instead of over it allows one to not worry about it covering the text.

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