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Smarter Audits Powered by Hard Data.


Accessibility is not one-size-fits-all. Like your favorite shirt, you want your accessibility plan tailored to your specifications. Not so small that you can’t be agile. Not so big that you’re wasting money. There’s a sweet spot and Access Discovery is what helps us get your program to fit just right.

With Access Discovery, we will:

  • Document the current structure and assets of your system(s)
  • Analyze which pages get the most traffic and use
  • Assess your level of compliance with relevant laws and standards
  • Prioritize your remediation plan based on both risk and quick fixes

At the end of the discovery process, we will take a huge amount of raw data and present it to you in a series of online reports in AMP (Accessibility Management Platform). The reports are tailored to the needs of the person reading them, so your executives can get a high-level overview of the level of compliance of your system(s) while your developers can see violation reports related to specifics in the code.

Screenshot of Access Analytics dashboard showing different graphs and counts of accessibility violations

What's here?

Our small JavaScript payload called Access Analytics is a data gathering ninja. You won’t even notice as it quietly performs automatic testing on a subset of accessibility requirements, automatically discovers assistive technologies, application pages, and linked assets, and will determine the relative access rates for all pages and assets.

back view of person working on a computer

What's wrong?

Access Analytics takes care of the easy testing, covering just a subset of compliance requirements. For the rest, we perform comprehensive manual testing using a variety of methods, including functional testing by users with disabilities using leading assistive technology.

floating icons of charts and data

What's the scoop?

Once testing is complete, we compile all of your data into some beautiful reports (well, they’re beautiful if you like looking at data visualizations… and who doesn’t?). Log into your AMP account and you’ll see a summary report of Access Discovery’s findings, a list of all current at-risk systems, a high level overview of your current level of compliance, and a prioritized list of violations that can be sorted by detail, accessibility standard, or instance.

Individuals working together on an iPad

What's next?

Your account manager will present the findings from Access Discovery and help you establish next steps. With all this beautiful data in hand, it is easy to tailor a remediation program that will be the perfect size for your organization and budget.


It's amazing what we discover alongside our clients through Access Discovery. Drop us a line and we can share some of our secrets.