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Congratulations, you're accessible! Now what? We help you lay the foundation for a successful accessibility program.

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Accessibility Policy

How do you do accessibility?

We will work with your team to develop an overall Accessibility Policy that defines your organization’s target standards and requirements.

The goal of this policy will be to actualize the relevant legal, regulatory, and industry requirements to your operating reality and customize any additional policies that are relevant to your organization.

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Issue Resolution Policy

What happens when there are accessibility issues?

Level Access will work with you to define escalation and resolution paths for issues related to digital accessibility.

This resolution policy will be harmonized with any existing accessibility resolution policies you may have in place.

Your resolution policy will include a defined public method for reporting accessibility issues – such as a public e-mail address or contact form – and timelines for responding to accessibility issues.

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Quality Control Plan

How will you integrate accessibility into your Quality Control process?

Your Quality Control Plan will define how accessibility is properly validated throughout the software development lifecycle.

It will include extensions to roles to define accessibility testing responsibilities as well as the setup of specific accessibility gateways throughout the development process. At each of these gateways, accessibility will be tested and validated at a level of detail appropriate for that stage of the development process.

Your plan will also define the auditing methodologies that you’ll use for determining compliance. These will provide a range of formality in testing from ad-hoc and informal, to full, formal testing and a definition of what level of formality should be used at each stage in the development process.

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Monitoring Plan

Every code update… every push you make… we’ll be watching you.

Your Accessibility Monitoring Plan defines the systems and methodologies in place to monitor production systems for accessibility. Notably, this plan should provide for active, automatic testing as part of your standard functional regression and monitoring testing.

A properly planned and executed Accessibility Monitoring Plan keeps you out of hot water by discovering accessibility violations quickly so you can make them right.

Legal review

Legal Review

What laws actually apply to your organization?

As part of the development of your organization’s policy, Level Access coordinates a review of the current legal and regulatory requirements that apply to your organization and harmonizes those with your deployed Accessibility Standards.

This review will include legal and regulatory information and authority of your organization to act. We will highlight this matter and propose draft legal text for client to adopt.


Procurement & Contracting

What to buy? Who to hire?

Level Access will develop a procurement and contracting policy that complements the Accessibility Policy.

This policy will be developed by procurement experts with the goal of ensuring your technology dollars are spent on accessible ICT that conforms to relevant Accessibility Standards.


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