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On 9/14/2020, the AMP Spiders Service will be updated to resolve the following issues:

  1. SPI-429: The XPAth exclusion feature for AMP Scans was not allowing iframes to be excluded from testing.
  2. SPI-462: The Firefox ESR version used for AMP scans has been upgraded to 68.12.0. Note that AMP scan may return more results since this upgrade will now enable Shadow DOM to be tested with scans.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 114862, 115967, 116571, 117081
  3. SPI-471: When testing PDFs in the AMP Document Inventory, some of the PDFs were throwing an error message stating “Failed to create Module.” This issue has been resolved so all PDFs found via AMP scans will now be tested as expected.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 116021, 116315
  4. SPI-480: When running a scan on a set of URLs uploaded to AMP in a CSV, some of the URLs were not being tested. This issue has been resolved.
    1. Linked Support Tickets: 116603
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